Grateful ❤🎄🎁❤


Grateful. For this year. And all the others ❤
Grateful. For the days. And the nights.
Grateful. For the moments, the smiles, sweet hugs.
Grateful. For the journey. My journey.
Grateful. For the break downs, let downs, absence, silence, misunderstandings.
Grateful. For having a soul as it’s mine.
Grateful. For all great come back’s, silent go through’s, difficult let go’s.
Grateful. For the trust, help, encouragement, long talks, comfortable healing time.
Grateful. For the friendship, safe home, and freedom to be. Me.
Grateful. For the courage to feel, to fall down, to love without conditions, to be fool and lost in the feeling.
Grateful. For the vision, the talent, gift for creation and the ability to find joy and love in everything.
Grateful. For being able to give without feeling empty or less.
Grateful. For healing, learning to love and respect my body, and my wholenes as human being.
Grateful. For the traveling, tasting, seeing, feeling, seaside, mountain, quiet village, busy megalopolis.
Grateful. For having a dream turned into goal, and dare to go for it.
Grateful. For surviving. Heartbreak. Earthquake. Bodyshake. Soulcrack.
Grateful. For love. For life. For everything.

Thank You All for being here with me, and Wish you Blessed Holidays, happy days fulfilled with lot of love and joy❤ Merry Christmas 🎄❤

With love : Anna

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