Saturday again 🙏❤
Early morning. The air is still fresh. My mind is clear. And again… I’m smiling. Grateful. To open my eyes. It’s a new day ahead of me. Amazing 😊🙏❤
I’ve learned so much in the last few months. Lockdown and limited in so many ways… And free and without boundaries on the other hand.
One thing I did arrived to recognize and to see the importance of it. That thing is “Balance”.
In all aspects of life.
One is doing fine when there is a healthy balance in everything. The balance between day and night. The balance between spirituality and mundane. The balance between giving and receiving. The balance between the need of the body and the need of the soul. The balance between respect and submission. The balance between everything.
Balance is when you are living life in its fullness. Enjoy the taste of food and respect that. The food itself. And your body. To feed it with love and quality. Our body deserves to be cherished and loved. Is the home and reflection of our soul, our mental, physical and spiritual health.
Enjoy the beauty of life without exaggeration.
If one neglects the body in favor of spirituality… Or the opposite, to deny anything connected with the soul and spirit and living life just satisfying the needs of the body leads to an unbalanced life. Both way of living has attached to it the feeling of emptiness and loss. Kinda having a constant feeling of missing something.
Every extreme behavior leads to a whole bunch of questions… And the answer is rooted in sincerity and the will of finding balance. The hardest part in our path is to recognize the Unbalance. To step out of the mesmerizing circle of denying and to see. And change.
May 2020.

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