About Love ❤️


I’m a pro-Love person. Always happy to see couples succeeding. Daring.
Lately, I had the chance to see some situations from outside. Hehe 😃 it’s so comfortable being an outsider. The good old topic. Love.
Love usually arrives in the most unexpected ways. There is no rule for it. Doesn’t care about age, race, culture, education, convenience, fashion, or belief.
It comes. Intense. Scary as hell. Pure vulnerability. It goes all opposite of everything one believed that it must be like. It’s nothing like in the plans. And definitely not an easy ride. It’s undressing, exposing, and challenging. Annoying. Needy. And the mind doesn’t want it. The mind gets armed for its biggest battle against the heart and soul. Just deny it. Abandon it. Escape from it. The mind’s biggest fear…is to let the people Feel. Anything. Especially Love.
It’s funny, isn’t it? All the struggle caused because of listening the mind and neglecting the hart and soul. All the pain. While all it takes is just a tiny little bit of bravery. To dare. To go for it. No matter what.
To make sure that when we close our eyes…we don’t regret it. We don’t regret missing the chance to Love. Regrets are for cowards. Love is the reward of the lionhearted brave ones.

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